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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

C-2-C Sponsored Bike Ride : El-Shaddai Street Child Rescue

Would you please read this email below from David JB Thompson. The Club feel this is a worthwhile charity and interesting location because our club professional Paras Dogra got his maiden 1st class century in Goa. Should you wish to sponsor David you can either speak to him directly or perhaps leave your details behind the bar with a member of the committee. Any donation will be appreciated.

"A holiday abroad is sometimes a way of realising how fortunate we are. Although some may complain about our lot in life, we are quite well off when compared with others.

"On a recent holiday to Goa, India, the contrasts between the standards of living were starkly demonstrated. The gulf between the rich and poor is immense. Multi-millionaires living in close proximity to families who reside in tents beside the road-side, with their worldly possessions kept in bags.

"Before we left Goa, Regan and I donated some clothing and toiletries and medication for the benefit of a childrens' charity called El-Shaddai Street Child Rescue. The purpose of El-Shaddai includes the following, :- The provision of safe night shelters and day care units for "street children", ie. homeless children; To provide the best possible medical facilities to those in need, together with providing health and hygiene education and information about family planning; To provide education in basic reading and writing; and To work towards the ending child labour.

"You may want to have a look at their web-site, although obviously not on your work computer! Their e-mail address is :

"In order to raise some money for El-Shaddai, I thought it would be a good idea to do this by doing the "coast to coast" bike ride from Whitehaven in Cumbria to Hartlepool in the Tees Valley : start next to the Irish Sea and end next to the North Sea. A distance of just under 150 miles in three days!

"I am going to do the bike ride on Saturday, 16th September, 2006 to the 18th September, 2006, with overnight stays at Keswick and Alston. I dare say there may be one, or two beers en route!

"Joining me on the ride will be, :- Regan's Dad; Steven "Barry" Forster - Farringdon Comprehensive School's very own "School Sportsperson of the Year 1991"; and Bob Rayner - Bob will be using a bicycle to complete the ride, as opposed to his faithful childhood tricycle which was recently revealed for the purposes of Comic Relief.

"I will be circulating a Sponsorship Form to colleagues in City Solicitor, plus colleagues in Support Services and the General Office. I would be grateful if you could please sponsor me to do the C-2-C bike ride. Any amount, however small, would be very much appreciated.

"Donations will be collected upon successful completion of the bike ride."